(1) Women in Military Service and Veterans: Ms. Lauren Zapf

(2) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Dr. William Gibson

(3) Veterans Courts–Why They Matter and How They Work: Hon. David Frye, Kelly Winship

(4) Ministry to Military Members, Veterans, and Veteran Families: Chaplain Zachary Moon

(5) Creating a Veteran-Friendly Work Environment: Ms. Cindy McDermott

(6) Veterans only peer-led discussion group: Michael Killam and Pedro Sotelo

(7) Accessible Spiritual Practices to Aid in Recovery from Moral Injury: Dr .Elizabeth Liebert

(8) Moral Stress and Spiritual Resilience in Caregivers: Rev. Dr. Carrie Doehring

(9) Ritual, Hebrew Scripture, and Moral Injury: Rabbi Kim Geringer and Rabbi Nancy Wiener

(10)Integrating Neurological, Psychological, Medical Treatments of Invisible Wounds such as TBI, PTSD, and moral injury Brig. Gen. Stephen Xenakis (US Army, ret. Psychiatrist)

(11) Multi-Faith Community Engagement Ministries: Dr. Troy Harden and Dr. Oluwatoyin Olabisi Hines

(12) Moral Injury as Grief and Loss: Ritual Resources for Care Dr. Nancy Ramsay